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    Thank you for creating such a beautiful wordpress theme Business Point Plus. I found some issues in the theme and have fixed it myself but i want to share it with you so you can fix it in the package.

    1. The Call To Action widget shows full post content and it dont looks good when you have a lengthy content on the particular page. I have fixed it by showing excerpt instead of content of the post. I replaced function the_content(); with function the_exerpt(); on line 483 of includes\widgets\widgets.php

    2. In the Featured slider on front-page the height of the image slide is not fix. Hence, if you have featured images of different sizes on different pages then slider changes its height on each slide change. The height of the whole page is changed on each slide change & when you scroll down, your scroll position changes with each slide change. I fixed this issue by adding a new image size using add_image_size(‘business-point-slide’, 1600, 700, true); function on line 51 of functions.php file and by replacing thumbnail size from FULL to business-point-slid in includeds/helpers.php on line 54.

    I will let you know if i find more useful fixes to discuss.



    Promenade Themes

    Hi @farhan,

    Thanks for the feedback. These are very useful suggestions. We will fix them in our upcoming version.

    Thank you.


    Will Hurr


    How do I suppress the breadcrumb element on the homepage? Is says “Home” and has a thin framed line over the course of the page, but I don’t want that element to appear on the homepage. I’m largely ok with the breadcrumb elements appearing on other pages to assist with navigation.

    Thank you!


    Will Hurr

    Figured it out! 🙂


    Promenade Themes

    Wonderful @will-hurr

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